About Us

Partner in Natural Wellness

Established in 2017, Trunish Pharma Private Limited represents Ayurvedic healing, bringing millennia of wellness understanding into the modern era. Our journey began with the goal of delivering practical and pure holistic health solutions. With a dedication to excellence and innovation, we have broadened our reach, impacting the lives of people all over the world with our high-quality Ayurvedic products.

We have a powerful research team led by Ayurvedic doctors undertaking research and new product formulations in the lab. Each of our products is tested in government-approved lab facilities before being approved for the phase of mass manufacturing. Our products are marked with ISO, GMP and FDCA certifications by the Government.

Our manufacturing facilities are semi to fully automatic and spread over an area of 90000 sq ft. We undertake contract manufacturing processes and offer the advantage of private labelling to brands. Our LEAN manufacturing facilities are designed intuitively to bring our end wastage to a bare minimum and zero.

Our Guiding Light

Mission for Today

We are dedicated to improving people’s lives around the world with our natural, effective, and safe Ayurvedic products. Our purpose is to promote overall health and well-being for all people, with a focus on ecological and ethical methods.

Vision for Tomorrow

Our dream is to be recognised as a global leader in Ayurvedic wellness for our commitment to quality and innovation. By 2025, we aspire to expand our product selection and regional footprint, providing Ayurvedic advantages to every corner of the globe.

Our Core Values

Our values are the vital key to our organisation, guiding our everyday operations and decisions.

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